Friday, 12 December 2014

Science and Geography

Our first Science unit was Interactions Between Ecosystems. The Grade 7s were so enthusiastic in creating their own ecosystems as well as participating in the labs that I created. We are slowly easing our way into self-directed inquiry, it's more teacher guided at the moment, but at least the students are engaged. Next week, before we break for Christmas, we will be opening up our lunch that we buried almost two months ago!

In the meantime, in their Geography class, my wonderful colleague began a project with them about re-purposing garbage from the landfill. I was collecting bear paws wrappers for one of the groups, and there were many other wonderful ideas. I haven't told them yet, but I want them to connect their lunch lab and their Geo projects. I hope they can make some sort of video creation of their choice to encourage awareness around landfills and garbage.

Stay tuned!

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