Thursday, 12 January 2017


This is a picture I took last week of the Pacific Ocean. Before our family vacation in 2015, it had been 15 years since I had been in my Central American Pacific Ocean. I grew up visiting the Pacific Ocean on weekends, much like some cottagers make the trek here in Ontario. When my husband suggested going to Costa Rica for Christmas I jumped at the chance. I had been going away for Christmas for most of my life, before I started to spend Christmases with him. It was the first time he was away for Christmas in his life. My patience finally paid off.

I like change but many educators with whom I have worked with are creatures of habit. I realize I need to have patience with others. Even the students sometimes challenge change. (Ever tried introducing inquiry based learning to Grade 8s for the first time in their school career???)

My principal last year told me once that people do not process the way I do. I was in her office frequently and I am so thankful that she was available to talk through my ideas, whereas others on staff may not have. I'm learning to be more patient. Even though I may be ready for something, others need to process for longer. I have learned to test the waters before jumping in and overwhelming others with my ideas. I dip my toes in the waves.

I realize I need to have patience with my own timelines. Two years ago I applied for a job outside of the classroom. I didn't get the position, and instead started my MEd. In retrospect it was perfect timing. Now I'm halfway done, one course at a time.

My recently retired professor told us that change cannot be imposed, but rather people need to see change as the answer to a compelling disturbance. I need to have patience for change. Maybe I just needed to reconnect with the Pacific Ocean to find peace and be inspired to have more patience.

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