Monday, 13 July 2015

Did you know...D2L and the OERB

The OERB, one of the best resources around for Ontario teachers!

If you try to log into the OERB and you get this screen

You may need to contact your local school board to gain access.

But if you are already using the D2L LMS and you log in using this screen

you are already have access to all the wonderful resources available!

Embedding OERB content

As mentioned in this previous post, the D2L LMS, also known as elearningontario, gives great opportunities for differentiation. I like using the interactive learning objects in the OERB as stand alone activities for my IEP students. Here is an example of how it can be embedded into a widget or discussion.

I had the pleasure of working with Mr. Iaoce for a CODE project last spring and he mentioned to me he had some lessons on YouTube for loading content onto D2L so his links are below as well.

Mr. Iacoe's OERB video
Mr. Iacoe's content video

He does it a bit different than my video above. I would imagine that if you download any units from the OERB into a file, you could follow the second video to load it onto D2L.

There will be more posts coming about using ministry content in the OERB for your D2L. I was once asked if you could have access to this content without having the students log into D2L, unfortunately my short answer was no, because once I started using D2L and realized how easy it was to give my students engaging content, I didn't look for another alternative. Have you used the OERB resources without using elearningontario?

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