Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Reflection about using audio tools

I don't think I was ever tested on the type of learner that I am, although the more I learn the more I realize I like to read information and I like to see a picture of a concept that I find difficult. For example, I had to watch several videos of osmosis and diffusion last year before I did the lesson with the grade 8s. I suppose this all makes me a visual learner.

However I do realize that I have to teach students who are audio learners and I have used audio tools in the classroom. Here's my audio reflection and even though I would prefer to write a blog post or do a Powtoons, or read off of a presentation with a screen capture...here's just the Audio Reflection and the script (in case you are like me and you like to read along).

With technology making it so easy for students to edit and create audio products, here's a complex media product that I hope we can make for Science concepts this year.

The most important thing for teachers to consider is, that since we are catering to many different learners and preferences, differentiation of content and product is key. Just like I told my Grade 8s this past year, as students, you need to ensure that you tell your teacher how you prefer to learn and show your learning. As teachers, we need to listen to these voices, even if we need more than just the audio.

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