Thursday, 16 July 2015

It's Delicious!!

I recently joined the social bookmarking site Delicious. In my investigation I ran into some how to videos and a great article from one of my favourite websites, Edutopia. However, this article is from 2007 and the video I found is from 2012. A more recent blog post from @bloggucation does bring up some interesting points on how to use Delicious as well. I've added the button to my favourites and I'm ready to start bookmarking websites and tagging!

I could see this as an alternative to twitter. I would continue to use the hashtags I use to organize resources for my classes. Since my teaching partners are anti-twitter, we could create an account and add bookmarks to it together (although we've done that before on Google Docs). Plus, I'm spending a lot of time tracking my websites that I do retweet, it would be nice to tag them in one spot.

I started adding some resources from this Hoax website list onto my Delicious account (@omskibinski). When we do our first research lesson with the students I'm going to have them pick one of the #acsnsci research articles that I've tagged and to use Science to prove the information is wrong. What better way to show their Science knowledge and their critical thinking!

After using the hashtag #hoax to search on Delicious I was able to find even more I could stop and add to my list and even tag as #acsnhist or #acsngeo for my teaching partner. I look forward to continue to explore Delicious.

Put your critical thinking caps on!!

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