Friday, 31 July 2015

I'm doing it...Skype!

Now that I'm becoming more comfortable with inquiry based learning, I wanted to start planning Skype guests for my students, but, it will have to wait until they decide how and if they want to learn that way for the specifics.

There are so many reasons to use Skype in the Classroom

I will hopefully begin with #MysterySkype and cover Language expectations (students writing interview questions, taking notes during the call, etc). We will try to connect with authors, there are so many who kindly volunteer their time to talk to students. If I were teaching Social Studies or Geography, I would do it more often and use it as a way to explore mapping skills and global connections. My goal is to tie it into Science curriculum as well. I would like to connect with Scientists from around the world (specifically tied into our strand). I've signed up for some Skype lessons already, and will need to plan my Science units around that. Ideally I would like to Skype about Math as well. I also hope to tie it into Religion, since we are a Me to We school, I would love it if my students connected that way. With other Me to We schools maybe, a collaborative fundraising effort? The possibilities are endless!

My concern is around parent permission, I found this sample letter that I will rework for my class. I would like to start with people we already know, I'm hoping parents will volunteer to Skype with us from work and maybe there will be family members who would also video conference with us.

Now that I know Google Hangouts works in a similar way, I have that as an option.

Any tips for Skyping/Video Conferencing in the classroom? Would anyone like to share a parent letter?

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